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What is Keratoconus?


Keratoconus is a progressive eye condition causing the normally round, dome-shaped cornea to progressively thin and bulge resulting in a cone-like corneal appearance. Derived from the Greek words for cornea (‘kerato’) and cone (‘konus’) Keratoconus is often first detected during young adulthood.

The bulging caused by Keratoconus interferes with a person's eyesight causing decreased vision or visual distortion and increased sensitivity to glare and light. During the early stakeratoconusges of this disease it is often still possible to correct vision problems with glasses. As the disorder progresses however glasses lose their degree of effectiveness and become a less acceptable option. Because they cannot conform to the shape of the eye, glasses are eventually inadequate treatment and contact lenses often become the best method of correcting vision problems.

With today’s advancements Keratoconus is a very treatable disorder and most people can successfully manage their condition using Keratoconus specific contact lenses.

For more information about corrective lenses for Keratoconus please contact our office.