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Play Your Sport, Protect Your Eyes



Putting on proLibertySportChildlogotective eyewear may not be your first thought when gearing up for your next backyard baseball game, but perhaps it should be. According to Prevent Blindness America, more than 40,000 people a year suffer eye injuries when engaging in sports activities.

Occurring most frequently in baseball, basketball and racquet sports, eye injuries happen among all age groups. The most common of these injuries include a fracture of the eye socket, scratches to the cornea, inflammation of the iris, traumatic cataract, swollen retina and blood spill into the eye's anterior chamber.

From tennis to hockey and most anything in between, the possibility of a sports-related eye injury is very real and very preventable. Athletes who wear sports eye goggles when participating in games greatly reduce the possibility of serious injury.

Sports grade Rec Specs provide adequate protection for your eyes. They are available in a variety of prescriptions-in both adult and youth sizes-and include polycarbonate lenses.

Features such as Transitions® Lenses and anti-reflective treatments are also available lens additions. Call or visit our opticians today to learn more about how we can accommodate your sport style while helping you protect your eyes!