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Summer Sunglass Sale

Another South Florida summer is in full swing and it's the perfect time to stop into our office and pick up a quality pair of sunglasses. From stylish to sporty, vintage inspired or retro chic we have a variety of sunglasses to choose from. Now through Labor Day receive 20% off of your sunglass frame purchase.*

Do you own sunglasses already? Find out if they are doing enough to benefit your eyes. In addition to meeting your style needs a high quality pair of sunglasses should provide you with the following benefits:

1) Sunglasses should offer your eyes a defense against potentially damaging ultraviolet sun rays. UV light can negatively affect the cornea as well as the retina. UV treated lenses help to filter out these harmful rays offering valuable eye protection.

2) Sunglasses can also protect your eyes from the intensity of powerful sunlight. When your eyes receive too much light, the natural reaction of the iris is to constrict making the pupil opening smaller and reducing the amount of light hitting the retina. Once the iris has closed as far as possible, squinting is the next way for your eyes to control the onslaught of excessive sunlight. If your eyes still receive too much light the result can damage the retina. Sunglasses can block the incoming light by as much as 97% thereby protecting your vision.

3) Polarized sunglasses have the added benefit of offering protection from glare. Relatively flat surfaces such as standing water or even streets and roadways can be the cause of reflected light. The reflected glare from these surfaces results in bright spots in your vision. These areas of distortion can range from mildly distracting to outright dangerous by potentially concealing objects in your field of view. A polarized lens provides you with both UV and glare protection.

Meet with our opticians today to find the right pair of sunglasses for your vision needs!

* Sunglass sale excludes Oakley, Costa Del Mar and Maui Jim frames. 20% discount can not be combined with insurance.