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Those Lovely Lashes


While the cosmetic allure of long healthy eyelashes is evident, our lashes do serve a more important purpose. Eyelashes help prevent foreign particles from coming into contact with the pupil of the eye. The eyelashes are the small hairs framing the upper and lower lid of the eye. 
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These hairs help to protect our eyes by blocking out dust, debris or other particles that could potentially cause our eyes irritation or pain. The preventative work of our eyelashes even helps to guard against possible eye infections. 
Much like the whiskers of animals like cats, our lashes are very sensitive and alert us to objects nearing our eyes. When the eyelashes are touched the lid reflexively closes- sealing off access to the eye.
Many people seek to enhance the beauty of their lashes with cosmetics like mascara and eyeliner. While these products add visual appeal to our eyes, in order for our eyelashes to continue serving their functional purpose, it is important to be hygienic about the use of eye makeup. 
Eye makeup should not be shared. Mascara and liquid eyeliner should be discarded and replaced about every three months. Keeping this maintenance schedule will help you to avoid contaminants like bacterial growth which could lead to infection. Caked, flaky or odorous eye makeup should also be thrown away. It is important to replace your mascara and eyeliner if you contract an eye infection. Doing this will prevent a possible re-infection.